It feels like the internet was made for photographers because it is such a visual medium where beautiful images can have an incredible impact.?For the majority of professional and aspiring photographers, having a website is a necessity.

While social media is great for attracting attention to your business, a website is what gives you full control over the design, navigation, branding, and information about your business. This gives you the opportunity to engage website visitors with your unique product and story.


Sales of photography online can be challenging enough. ?Don’t make it harder for yourself by making these mistakes.


Mistake #1 ?Your site is too confusing

People buy the products and services they can understand the fastest.?When people look at websites they want to find something they need, and if?they don’t find what they need on your site right away, they’re gone. ?So you want to organize information in a way that makes people think I need that!

Make sure that when people come to your site they know instantly what you do. ?Do you sell landscapes? Do you do fashion shoots? ?Weddings? Food Photography? ?What ever it is make sure people know right away what you do. Spell it out for them.

Mistake #2 You talk about You

When people first arrive at our site they shouldn’t be reading about how you get up at 4am to get just the right light in your sunrise shots, or how you learned to be the photographer you are today. ?While that is great information to include in your site to help the buyer get to know you and your work, it shouldn’t be the first thing they see. ?You will lose people this way because they won’t know what’s in it for them right away, and they will move on.

Your site needs to speak to your audience and potential buyer. ?Speak to them, don’t talk about you. ?People want to know what’s in it for them. ?How does what you do make their lives better? ?–Tell them exactly how your landscape will enhance their decor, or how you can help them sell more products. ?Show images of your work in context, such as a beautifully decorated room featuring one of your pictures, or a cook book featuring a series of your pictures.

Mistake #3 You don’t tell them what to do

People should easily know how to buy what you are selling. ?Your website should have very obvious call to action so that they?know instantly what to do, they are not going to search for it.


Put it to the test:

  1. Find 5 friends, relatives, or random people, who you know haven’t been to your site and hopefully don’t really know what you do.
  2. Set a timer for 30 seconds.
  3. Let them look at the site for 30 seconds
  4. Take it away as soon as time is up
  5. See if they can answer these three questions without you explaining anything.
    • What is it that you offer?
    • How will it make their lives better?
    • What do they have to do to buy it?

Harsh Realities:

  • If they can’t answer them easily then you need to make some changes.
  • Realize this is how your potential buyers see your site –without any explanations or context.
  • Your online customers don’t know you. ?They don’t care enough to search around for what you want them to find, they will just leave and go on to the next site.