It seems to me that the logical first step in creating my on-line photography business, is to create my own website to contain my portfolio and eventually maybe an on-line store.

I have created many websites before, including this one.? Over time, I have tried several hosting services and platforms for creating websites.? My tried-and-true favourite web hosting service is?BlueHost?.?? Honestly I have been really happy with the service, and haven’t felt the need to try anyone else.

The blogging platform I use is WordPress.? I have created sites in many ways through the years, from straight html coding, to enterprise content managers, and WordPress. ?WordPress is by far the simplest and easiest to use.? Currently WordPress is the number one blogging platform.? It is free, and easy to customize, and there is great support available.? I am currently using WordPress on all of my sites.

Creating a website seems like a scary thing to do. ?I know, I’ve been there.? But once you do it, you won’t believe how easy it was.? To help you take the leap I’ve created this tutorial to walk you through the three simple steps of creating a WordPress Site?on BlueHost.? It will take? you less than 10 minutes to register your domain, install WordPress, pick a design, and write your first post.

It’s only three steps…you can do it!

  1. Domain Name and Internet Host
  2. How to Install WordPress
  3. Choose a theme and Write your First Post


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