Making Money with Stock Photography

In the old days, your portfolio alone would get you work. ?

These days, with millions of images available online it is harder to match your photos with the needs of your clients. ?One way to overcome this is to have your own photo stock site. ?This is where you host your arsenal of photos online and sell your photos to clients who have a login to see them.

1. Photographic consistency

This means that all your images should be highly produced so that you have images that work well together.? This way a customer can use a picture shot in 2000 next to one from 2005 or 2010, next to one shot yesterday in the same layout. ?They should have the same quality, and the same eye of one photographer. ?This allows flexibility for your customer.

2. Generic Images

Images that work in a lot of situations for large companies like healthcare, financial services, insurance, and so on.

Remember that people-sell-products so create images of people, that go together, that enable your client can find several images that work for their campaign without needing to do a separate photo shoot.

3. A Good Website

Like any online business it is very important that your website is attractive, easy to use, and works. ?As your database of pictures grows, this simple thing will be harder and harder to achieve.

4. Keywords

Keywording is huge.? This is how your customers will find what they are looking for, so make sure you do a thorough job of this when adding keywords to your images and website.

5. Ignore the trends

It will be tempting to take shots of items that are trending at the moment. ?But sticking to what customers need most — which is shots of real people, in real moments, and real relationships between people — will be the most profitable. ?It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a variety of photos in your library, it just means the bulk of your time and money should go toward what sells over the long term.

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