There is a saying that goes, ?begin with the end in mind?. ? Those words are true of any undertaking, including starting an online photography business. The more clear you are on what you want your business to become, the clearer you?ll be on the steps you need to take to get there.

Spend time visualizing what you want your business to look like. Are you selling stock images? ?Are you selling landscapes? ?Fine art prints? Do you see yourself in an urban studio, shooting still-life work for magazine ads? Do you want to be on the sidelines at a college or pro sports game, capturing the action? Do you enjoy creating playful, poignant images of kids? Are you happiest when roaming through some remote wilderness, tracking the perfect light for breathtaking landscapes?

Take the time to answer these questions for yourself when you envision the future of your photography business:

  • Where am I? What is my ideal physical environment?indoors, outdoors, on the road?
  • What kind of work am I shooting, in terms of both the style and the subject?
  • Am I working solo or do I have a team of talented, creative professionals around me?
  • What kind of schedule do I have?am I always on the go or am I working nine to five? Do I stay local or am I travelling a lot?
  • Is there a level of danger or adventure, or is it more about the craft?

Take the time to write down the answers to the above questions. ?Any type of photography can be sold online. ?It’s up to you to visualize your ultimate dream. ?This is the first step in making the dream a reality.

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