This is Step 3 in the 3 Steps to your own Photography Website series.

By now you?ve created your own blog! ?Congratulations!

Now it is time to login to it, choose a theme and create a post. ?To login go to enter the login information given when you installed WordPress.

Once you are logged in you will see your WordPress dashboard. ?On the left side you will see a menu of the various options. ?It is a good idea to go to the Settings option and make sure all the correct information is entered there regarding your website name and your email address.

wordpress login screen

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Now select the Appearance option from the left menu.

Wordpress Themes

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At this early stage in your WordPress experience I would suggest you choose one of the many, many free templates available for use with WordPress. ?In the top right corner of the screen there is a search box where you can narrow the choices by searching for photography, or portfolio type templates. ?The choice is yours, and you can change your template any time without losing the information you have entered. ?Changing the template just changes the look of your website on the information contained in it.

In the future you can purchase a premium template if you wish, but I think you should become familiar with WordPress and using the free templates before you spend money on anything.

Install WordPress Theme

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When you find one you like click on the Install button. ?Once it is installed you will get a screen like the one below. ?Click on Activate and the theme will be put in place on your website.


wordpress theme install complete

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No theme will look good without content. ?I find I need at least 5 posts before I can see what a theme will really look like. ? So lets get writing some posts!

To write a post you go to the Posts option from the WordPress menu down the left side of your screen. ?Then click on the Add New button. ?Then simply begin filling in the information. ?The top box is for the title of your post. ?The next box is where you enter type in your content. ?When you are ready click on the Publish button on the far right of the screen.

create a new post

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That’s it! ?You have just published something on the internet! ?Go to and check it out!

I know it took me a few posts to explain the process of creating a website, but in real time this whole process from purchasing your domain name, to writing your first post, should take you about 10 minutes.

There is so much more to WordPress and publishing a website than we have covered here. ?But you have the basics. ?A great place to learn more is?

Good luck! ?If you are successful in setting up your own site using the instructions I have provided, please comment below. ?I would love to see the great work you are doing!

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