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I am always talking about how important it is for you to have your own consistent style. ?It is what sets you apart from other photographers, and that uniqueness is what sells your photography.

Style is something that evolves over time — the more you shoot, the more you will discover. ?This is true of any creative art — writing, dance, music, etc — so you must put in the work to develop your craft. ?Here are some ideas for exercises to help you to develop your style.

Invest the Time

Set aside a few hours of time each week?to explore shooting a subject that inspires and excites you, it could be anything. ?Later on when you learn about keyword research, practice shooting the subjects that stood out in your keyword research. ?You never know, you might find your niche. ?But for this exercise don’t shoot to sell, just focus on improving your craft and developing your style.


Photographers can tend to be lone wolf types. ?Keeping their secrets to themselves. ?But there is much to be gained from the experience of working with others. ?Maybe you are in a serious photography club, or you maybe have a mastermind group with other photographers. ?Team up and create a photo shoot that showcases everyone’s talents. ?The things you can learn from your peers can be invaluable.


Volunteer to shoot any type of event that is in your niche. ?A sporting event, ?theatre rehearsals, band practise, gardens, parks, people in the street, anything that aligns with the photographer you want to be. ?Again this isn’t shooting to sell, this is about improving your work and trying to develop your own style. ?But making the volunteer committment to produce work for someone kicks it up a notch and makes it more real, without the risk of money on the line.

Shoot a Story

Find a meaningful object, subject, or situation and create a series of images that create a visual story. ?Try to focus on the emotion and mood of the story you are trying to tell, while thinking about staying?true to your own style.

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