sellonlineI believe that most photographers, no matter what level they are, want to sell their work online. ? The appeal of selling photos on the internet is strong. ?You love taking photos and you want to get paid to do it. ?You might be hoping for a little side income to support your photography hobby, or you might be trying to transition from a part time photographer to a full blown professional. ?This website is here to help you explore all facets of selling your photos online.

Selling your work online doesn’t require a degree from a great school, or a resume full of impressive credits. ?People who are going to buy your photos online don’t necessarily care about that. ?I think education and experience are valuable assets to any photographer, they help refine your skills and define your personal style. ?But in the online market, your work stands up on its own merit. ?It is your portfolio that proves your skill to the buyer. ? ?This is great news to many people, especially those who are self-taught, or who came to find their passion for photography lateer in life.

This website is based on the ideal that if you continue to improve your craft and are committed to building a strong portfolio of work, you will find an online market for the types of images that you create. ?This sounds simple, but isn’t that easy in practical application. ? will help you to gain an understanding of who buys which kinds of photos. ?From there you can build a marketing strategy around the subjects and styles that interest you most.

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