Marketing is a word that covers an enormous array of activities, but often photographers define it as:? doing whatever it takes so that when your target audience needs or wants photography, your name and images come right to mind.

Here are a few marketing terms you should be familiar with

Increasing Visibility

No one can call you or visit your website if they’re not aware that you exist. ?Increasing visibility is any means of attracting more eyeballs to your photos.? Anything from:

  • having an active blog, Facebook page, or newsletter
  • to entering contests, mailing postcards, and
  • to tweaking your website’s SEO
  • to showing up at networking events or joining professional associations to increase your visibility

Whatever gets you in front of more human beings.

Building Relationships

After the initial introduction, the next step is to build relationships — not just with your potential clients or customers, but also with other professionals whose services and products are complimentary to yours, or who are part of a network that you’d like to be a part of. ?

Staying in touch with buyers of your work through a special newsletter just for them is one way of deepening the relationship, as is blogging on a regular basis to provide your target audience with news about what you’re doing as well as offering information of value to them. ?

Remember, relationships are two-way streets — if you’d like repeat business and referrals, it’s important to look for ways to give, to help other people achieve their goals, or to make life easier for them.


Once you’ve entered your prospective buyer’s awareness, either in person or online, it’s important to encourage further contact.? But remember that more is not always more. ?If you receive stats from an email campaign that tell you which people clicked on the link through to your website, don’t pick up the phone immediately and call them. ?It’s a little more appropriate to follow up via email. ?Do not put someone on the spot by mentioning the fact that they responded to your email promotion.

Always give people a clear way to unsubscribe from your email list. ?Treat your contacts, especially those who have given you permission to keep in touch with them, the utmost politeness and respect. ?Try to keep your communications relevant and timely; don’t spam people with daily emails. ?Most importantly, do not share their information with anyone else for marketing purposes.

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