Imagine this.

One of your pictures on the local daily news page catches the eye of a major magazine editor. ?Your photo has the look they want for their next big feature article, so the editor clicks through to your website to see more of your work.

Worst-case scenario:

The editor reaches a nearly blank page that appears to have some kind of slideshow loading, but it is taking forever. ?While they wait, an urgent email comes in and the phone rings. ?The editor forgets to go back and check if your webpage ever loaded, and in a few months when the magazine comes out and the very popular feature article is a buzz, you and your photography are not a part of any of it.

Best-case scenario:

A fresh-looking, uncluttered website pops up immediately. ?The first image the editor sees is similar to the first one that caught their eye, and they can see that you specialize in this type of photography. ?They click to the About page, and find it to be direct, confident, and includes a list of places your work has been featured.

They click the “Contact Me” link.