By now you must realize that a photography website is a must. ?Here are the essentials your website must contain:

Portfolio Gallery

Use a few basic categories to group your photographs by subject or type. ?Think about what your ideal client is looking for and avoid obscure terminology, no matter how descriptive and poetic you think it is. ?Keep it simple with gallery names like People, Nature, Still Life, Travel

About Page

Take some time to create a straightforward but conversational bio here. ?Include some personal details about where you are from or where you live, and a photo of yourself to make you more human and memorable to visitors.

Client List

This is where you showcase the list of people and places that have hired you. ?If you are just starting out, you might not have a lot for this list, so add some testimonials from the clients you do have, and possibly some sample images from the assignments to better promote you and your work and to fill this section out. ?But keep it short and simple. ?Get permission to use the names of people and companies, and remember they don’t all have to be paying clients.