Reaching Commercial and Editorial Buyers

The same as when you try to market to the public, when selling to business clients you have to know who your business clients are.? For example, for consumer photography like weddings and portraits, your buyers are everyone around you.? For clients who hire you on behalf of their company or publication, it takes a little more digging to find them and more effort to get their attention.

Commercial Clients are people like art directors, designers and marketing department heads.? Some ways to find them are through company websites, and google searches.

Editorial Clients also include art directors, directors of photography, and photo editors.? These people can be found in publication mastheads and publication company websites.

To reach business clients you will have to try submitting to company through their editorial submissions process, sending cold email pitches to the person that includes links to your best work and a short synopsis of who you are and how you are a good fit for their needs.