This is the Best Printing Solution I have found, by far!

As a photographer I print a lot.? But the cost of ink used to kill me!? I had tried everything and had resigned myself to the fact that simple, reliable colour printing on a budget wasn?t an option. I?m so excited that I have finally found a solution that really works!

It?s called HP Instant Ink, and here?s my review of the service.



First, I have to say that I have definitely tried some budget printing options that did not work out so well! I know some people refill their own ink cartridges but that can be messy and was intimidating to me. I?ve also tried purchasing non-original ink cartridges from places like I know some people do that with great results, and it does save a lot of money. However, I often had trouble getting them to work. It was a major headache, and I?ve even had a situation where I couldn?t ever get my printer to work again with any ink cartridge.

After all that, I just resigned myself to paying lots of money for colour ink. I had a Canon printer which produced excellent quality prints, but that?s about the only thing it had going for it. The replacement ink was expensive, and the printer didn?t do a good job grabbing paper (especially thicker, higher quality paper). I would have to fight with it to get it to accept high quality paper, and it would often grab multiple pages of the regular paper.



Finally, I stumbled across the ideal solution. I was complaining about the cost of printing to a friend of mine (who happens to be the guy who reliably finds the best and cheapest way to do everything) and he told me how he was using HP Instank Ink and it was great for him. So I was intrigued and looked into it. It sounded like a dream come true for a full-colour printable lover like myself!


Here’s how it works:



You need an HP printer (that can connect to the internet) in order to use HP Instant Ink. At first the thought of getting a new printer held me back from trying the program. But I went for it and ordered a good photo printer for under $200 right through the HP site when I sigend up for Instant Ink and the printer more than paid for itself very quickly because I saved so much on ink.

Plus I absolutely love the printer! I?ve had for about 2 years now, it?s still going strong, and I print a lot. Several times I have printed close to a thousand pages in one month to fill orders.

The printer is much more reliable than my previous more expensive printer. It prints fantastic photos (you wouldn?t know that they didn?t come from a photo lab) and prints full-color pages on premium thicker weight paper. I haven?t had paper feeding issues even with thick paper. Plus it does automatic two-sided printing.

I even did a side by side comparisons of prints from my expensive printer and the affordable HP printer, and I truly could not tell the difference! The print quality is more than acceptable.



As soon as you get your HP printer, you can go to the?HP Instant Ink website and sign up. It is quick and easy. First, you?ll need to select? which plan you want based on how much you print.

Don?t stress about exactly what level of prints you need. It?s super easy to adjust at any time. (I often bump myself up to the highest plan right before I print a lot and then bump back down to save money.)

Also, keep in mind that your unused prints will roll over to the next month (but they don?t keep rolling indefinitely).

The lowest plan is actually FREE!!! If you don?t print much, that?s obviously the plan for you. The highest plan is 700 pages/month for $22.99(in Canada). It also includes a spare set of cartridges if you are worried about running out before they send you more. That?s less than 3 cents a print!

It doesn?t matter if you print a full page loaded with color or just one line of text on a 4 by 6 card. Each print still counts as one print. Now this could be a disadvantage if you are printing small items with just a tiny amount of black text (not something I?ve ever done), but it is a huge advantage if you print lots of photos like me.



Once you sign up, they mail you new cartridges right away (meanwhile there is plenty of ink in the starter cartridges that come with the printer). As soon as you install the new cartridges, your plan begins.

They automatically monitor your ink status and mail you new ink before you need it. In my experience, the new ink arrives long before I?m even running low, and I?ve never run out of ink before the new shipment arrived. You should wait to install the new cartridge until your current one actually does run out.

They also provide postage paid envelopes for you to return used ink cartridges for recycling.

I love how straightforward the HP Instant Ink program is, and that there are no guessing games about how much printing will cost you.

Get a month free if you sign up for HP Instant Ink using this link.



What does HP Instant Ink mean?

HP Instant Ink is a fantastic service that will send high quality ink at a tremendous value straight to your door as often as you need it. The service uses Wifi to monitor your printer and will automatically deploy a shipment of ink as soon as it sees you are running low.

Is HP Instant Ink a good value?

Yes! I spend far, far less on ink than I ever did in the days of buying expensive cartridges every month or so.

Do you have to use the ink they send you?

No, you do not. Your HP Printer can still work with plain ole store bought ink.

How do I check my HP Instant Ink?

You can review your subscription by logging into the HP Instant Ink member portal

Is the free plan really free?

Yes! If you print less than 15 pages a month, you really can get free ink!

How long does the ink last?

In short: a really long time. I do a LOT of printing. (My business revolves around printing photos, after all!) And I only have to replace my ink every few months.

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