Looking for the upside on the new Instagram feed change?

So was I.

In March 2016 Instagram announced that was changing the feed.  Now you will see what Instagram figures you want to see most,  instead of just everything in chronological order.

People hate change.  People freaked out. People were angry.  People couldn’t see what would be good about it.  People though that it was all about advertising instead of the pictures.

So who does benefit from Instagram’s feed change?

The new algorithm is supposed to show people more of what they want to see.

But how does Instagram know what people want to see?

It is all about engagement.  They take into account how many comments and likes you are getting on your posts, how long people are looking at them, how far back in your feed do people go and comment on things,  how often do people search for you by name, tag you, and otherwise engage with your account.  So the more engagement you get on your posts the better the new format will be for you.

This means your pictures won’t just be shown to people who are on Instagram right after you post, but instead your audience will see your posts no matter when they are using Instagram.

Before the change, according to Instagram, only about 30% of your audience would see your posted picture.  Now that the changes are in place a much higher number of people will see your posts –if you are putting stuff out there that people actually want to see.

This will change how people use Instagram.

Instagram’s new feed will really benefit photographers, since we already know how to take the kind of images that people are willing to pay for, if you add to that a good strategy for engagement on your posts, the new feed change will really boost your efforts.


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