Through my work helping photographers sell their photos online, I tend to see the same three marketing mistakes over and over again. ?I have to admit that I have made these?same three mistakes myself, which is why I failed to get any real traction in my business for a very long time. ?But?I didn?t give up. Instead I decided to figure out what I was doing wrong and correct it. And once I did, everything started to change.

The Three Marketing Mistakes are:

  1. Not knowing who your ideal clients/collectors are
  2. Not knowing what your unique selling proposition, or what your ?meaningful difference? is, which leads to
  3. Passive website copy that lacks a clear, persuasive marketing message, the kind that compels your visitors to stick around and explore your website, your work, and become interested in buying.

Is it really worth the time to do this?

It is worth it to suffer through doing the work of figuring out your ideal client/collector, your unique selling proposition, and writing your website copy to reflect these insights. ?Because without the kind of marketing clarity that comes from this foundation work, your website and the copy on it will not connect with your target audience. That?s because you won?t know who you?re trying to attract or who you?re speaking to, so your website copy will be generic and lack-lustre, and there will be no emotional resonance with those buyers who are just right for you

And without knowing what your unique selling proposition or ?meaningful difference? is and expressing that on your site, what you have to offer will be blend in with the thousands of other photographers online who are also competing for those same buyer dollars.

But….once you know who your most likely buyers are, you can speak to them directly with a targeted and persuasive marketing message. ?And…once you know how you?re different from the other talented photographers with an online presence, you?ll be able to write your website copy to reflect this, helping you to connect with your target audience and convey what makes you and your work unique, special, and a must-have for those who fit your ideal collector profile.


How to figure it out

Figuring out who your ideal buyer is, and what your unique selling proposition is, are not an easy tasks!?It?s a process that can take several weeks, and one you?ll be constantly refining over the course of your business life as you gain further insights into your audience.

One way to go about it is to determine who you?d most like to work with as clients, then think of what would make your work, process, services, or the way you do business different, better, more special, or more compelling to these ideal clients than others who do what you do. ?Then rewrite your website to reflect these new insights.

When you get it right you find that you start to get more business through your website than you do from your live networking, email prospecting and other forms of direct outreach. ?Eventually this will allow you to cut way back on direct outreach, saving time and stress. ?What photographer wouldn’t rather be creating images than?than doing the constant business hustle?

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